Continuous Phosphatase Assay

PRECICE® Phosphatase Assay Kit developed by NOVOCIB is a continuous spectrophotometric enzyme assay to monitor activity of any enzymes liberating inorganic phosphate (Pi) during enzymatic reactions. The kit can be used for:

  • Phosphatase activity assay
  • Alkaline phosphatase activity
  • Protein phosphatases activity assay
  • ATPase assay
  • GTPases assay
  • Helicases assay.


The release of inorganic phosphate is measured through coupling to PNP-XDH enzymatic system. In the presence of inorganic phosphate, PNP (purine nucleoside phosphorylase) catalyzes inosine phosphorolysis leading to the formation of hypoxanthine and P-ribose. XDH enzyme catalyzes irreversible oxidation of hypoxanthine to uric acid with simultaneous reduction of NAD to NADH2, measurable by absorbance at 340nm. The formation of NADH2 is continuously monitored spectrophotometrically at 340nm. The assay is linear in 5-300µM range.

Phosphatase Assay Kit Principle reaction schema

PRECICE® Phosphatase Assay Kit

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Kit is provided in stable lyophilized form and shipped without dry ice

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Key Features


  • Non-radioactive
  • Homogenous
  • Continuous absorbance monitoring at 340nm


  • The IMP is immediately transformed into NADH2 in a quantitative manner allowing for accurate kinetic analysis


  • Activity is measured through continuous montoring of absorbance at 340nm


  • Tolerant to contamination of ware and reagents by inorganic phosphate
  • Homogenous
  • Non radioactive
  • Wide pH range
  • Compatible with reducing agents


  • Wide linearity range (5-300µM)

High-Throughput Analysis

  • The assay is performed in standard multi-well microplates
  • Non Readout is peformed with plate reader fitted with 340nm filter


  • Only inorganic phosphate is quantified