Dr Larissa Balakireva, CEO & Founder of NovoCIB, was awarded with the Trophy of
"Femmes en Or 2011, Femme de l'Innovation"
in September 2011

Nucleotides in Pet Food

Petfood ingredients (meat and chicken by-products) are subjects for rapid decay by microbial growth or autoxidation and the palatability of the resulting product. can be considerably affected by the freshness of petfood ingredients. Chemical and microbiological deterioration of Petfood ingredients can result in the formation of off flavors. Since animals rely on their sense of smell and taste to differentiate safe, nutritious foods from those that taste bad or may contain toxic substances, the presence of Off flavors may lead to food refusal. Measuring Inosine/hypoxanthine ratio with PRECICE® Freshness Assay kit provides a rapid method for qualification of the quality of petfood ingredients.

Two brands of cat food were compared using PRECICE® Freshness Assay Kit. Higher level of inosine and lower level of hypoxanthine in Brand 1 products indicates that these products are more attractive and more safe for animal.

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