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PRPP Assay Kit Principle


Ref. #K0709-02-2
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24 analyses (8 samples in triplicate) € 410.00

* Pricing updated June 24th, 2014.
Kit provided in stable lyophilized form and shipped without dry ice.

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Download our in vitro PRPP assay protocol

PRPP Assay Kit

PRECICE® PRPP Assay Kit is a first non-radioactive assay for in vitro measurement of PRPP (α-D-5-phosphoribosyl-1-pyrophosphate) content in cells and tissue extracts.

In the presence of hypoxanthine, PRPP is used by HGPRT enzyme to form IMP which is further oxidized to XMP by downstream IMPDH enzyme leading to simultaneous NADH2 formation. The amount of NADH2 formed is mesured spectrophotometrically at 340 nm and is equivalent to the amount of PRPP in the assay. PRPP is extracted from cells with organic solvent.

Key Features:


    No need of any calibration curve


    Due to HGPRT-IMPDH coupling, PRRP is irreversibly and quantitatively transformed into NADH2. Molar concentration of PRPP is easily calculated from specific absorbance of the sample at 340nm mesured in the absence and the presence of hypoxanthine

Microplate Format

    The assay is performed in standard multi-well microplates
    The readout is done by measuring absorbance with plate reader fitted with 340nm filter

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