Dr Larissa Balakireva, CEO & Founder of NovoCIB, was awarded with the Trophy of
"Femmes en Or 2011, Femme de l'Innovation"
in September 2011

Welcome to NOVOCIB - Service and Assay Kits Supplier

Based on unique knowledge of nucleotide metabolism, NovoCIB provides:

 analytical service for nucleotide quantification by HPLC (HPLC Nucleotide Analysis)
 enzymatic assays service (for Freshness and for Drug Discovery)
 innovative enzyme activity assay kits for Life Scientists and for Food Industry.

Life Science
Dietary Nucleotides

Rare enzymes of Purine Metabolism

Gout is the most common inflammatory arthritis, affecting 1-2% of the population.
There are at least three different inherited defects that lead to early development of severe hyperuricemia and gout including:

 severe and partial HGPRT (or HPRT) deficiency;
 elevated PRPP synthetase (or PRPS) activity.

NovoCIB supplies non-radioactive kits allowing one-step measurement of HPRT and PRPS activity in cells.

Nucleoside Analogues Phosphorylation

Antiviral nucleoside analogs inhibit viral replication, whereas anticancer nucleosides inhibit replication of cellular DNA and repair.
Nucleoside analogs are inactive prodrugs and their therapeutic efficacy depends on their intracellular phosphorylation.

NovoCIB offers HTS kits for rapid evaluation of substrate properties of novel nucleoside analogs for dCK and ADK.

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Nucleotides in Food

 Freshness of Food Products
ATP is an essential molecule in muscle tissue and is rapidly degraded after death into IMP, Inosine and Hypoxanthine. These ATP catabolites are considered as excellent indicators for measuring food freshness, especially in fish, seafood, and meat. Freshness quality control provides additional information to shelf life study.

 Flavour Enhancer
Inosinic acid (IMP) and inosinates (additives E630 to E633) are strong flavour enhancers. Because of the enhanced savoury taste, sodium chloride levels can be reduced.
They are used in many products such as yeast extracts enriched in nucleotides (for soups, sauces, snacks and ready-to-eat meals).

 Feeding stimulant
Nucleotides are used in fish and shrimp farming as feeding stimulant (appetizer) and immuno-stimulator.
Nucleotides content, and especially in material of animal origin including petfood, can be quantified by NovoCIB.


Founded in 2005 and located in former Merck-Lipha facilities in Lyon, France, NovoCIB is double Laureate of the National Contest "Concours national d'aide à la création d'entreprises innovantes" created by the French Ministry of Research and Laureate of “Tremplin Entreprises” national contest organized by French Senate.

NOVOCIB is certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research as a "Research Tax Credit" (Crédit Impôt Recherche - CIR) company. This agreement allows NOVOCIB's clients who are subject to corporate income tax in France to benefit from a significant tax credit upon R&D expenditures outsourced to NovoCIB.